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Men playing singles squash on squash court two.

Living Well

The art of living well is about an attitude. It's about enjoying a full life, of friendships, of competition, and staying active.

For B&R Members the Club plays an important role, whether it's for a quick visit during a hectic day or as a key part of staying connected with friends.

  • Youth
    • Group of youth members posing for a tennis camp group photo with their racquets.The B&R offers a complete family program to get your kids involved and build their skills. Many of our Members have grown up with the Club, creating a lifetime of memories.

      • The B&R's comprehensive youth program helps kids enjoy the Club and develop skills, allowing parents to fully enjoy their time knowing their children are well looked after. 

      • Kidz Korner Childcare is open daily or by appointment for ages 3 months and up.
      • Kid's Events such as Friday Night Action entertain the kids while parents 'do their thing'.
      • After-school Junior Program (age 6-17) offer group lessons in squash, tennis and badminton.
      • Seasonal Social Events celebrate Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and Halloween.
      • Camps offer fun and skills in summer and holidays (including non-members).
      • The 2015 renovation introduced a new older-kids lounge to 'hang out' located near the Courtside Lounge and Kidz Korner, and second floor cubicles offer a quiet corner for homework.

  • Young Adults
    • Young women with tennis racquet.Whether you are single or young parents, we understand busy schedules and what it takes to build careers, bring up a family, and still get time for yourself. With activities, sports, friends, workouts and childcare, at the B&R you can make the most of your time.
  • Young at Heart
    • Older member working out.As we get more time to ourselves, the B&R offers a socially and physically engaging environment that works across all ages and abilities. Choose your own level of involvement in sports, fitness, lessons, social activities, Bridge, or volunteering on a committee.